Best Vacation Places in the Philippines

Paradise! Pristine beaches, powdery sand, clear sea water, colorful underwater scene – welcome to the best vacation places in the Philippines! The archipelago is bestowed with 7, 107 islands scattered the entire country. The location of the Philippines is so ideal having 8 hours of sun daily and the rest is for the beauty of the moonlight – this all year Read more

Philippine Tourist Island Spot: Welcome to the Enchanting Camiguin Island!

The beautiful island of Camiguin known as the island born of fire is bestowed with abundant natural resources both land and water. This island is considered one of the most attractive Philippine tourist spots because of its wonderful diversity of its ecosystem. Camiguin is a Philippine tourist island spot with varied attractions from historic to religious to natural spots. Read more

The Nightlife in Boracay Island

Boracay is more than just its beautiful and scenic beaches. The Island of Boracay has a lot more to offer to its guests. The festive people of the Boracay Island reflect their outgoing personality in their fabulous clubs and bars that keeps the night owl alive and kicking!

The Boracay Island is crowded with charming bars, loud clubs, and smooth acoustic lounges. All music lovers find a suitable haven unique for everyone. The music oasis gives fuller life to the nights in Boracay Island. Among the popular taprooms are:
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Vacations to Go: Palawan and Samal

There are times when a person simply has to get away, hide for logical reasons, enjoy and relax from the ambiance around him. This typical ideology is present in every person living. This is even one good reason why people aim to work hard to satisfy their own need of satisfaction and relaxation. Actually there are so many places in the Philippines where you could enjoy, reflect and relax. In the largest island in the country, Mindanao, has treasured different kinds of beauty and wonders that is really awe inspiring both to the senses and the soul. These places are vacations to go because a night or a day would not enough to appreciate and fully feel it.
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