Uncovering The Chocolate Hills in Bohol

Bohol, Philippines. This place is recognized by the world for its unique land formation; with thousands of rolling green hills that attracted geologists and tourists around the globe, this place is definitely a record-breaker.

Chocolate Hills is Bohol’s top tourist attraction. Why not? The beauty of the evergreen hills and the cold breeze of the wind touching your skin would surely captivate you. These hills are covered with grasses that turn to brown and chocolate-looking during the summer season. Thus, they were named Chocolate Hills.

Along with fame is controversy. This marvelous place was once questioned by spectators with the idea that the mounds were man-made, but geologists suggested a theory on the process of the formation of these hills. Thus, the story was concluded. They come up with a theory that these landforms came from the bottom of the ocean and emerged from where they are at the moment through several geological process and changes, millions of years ago. However, the natives of Bohol had a different story as to beginning of the Chocolate Hills. The folkloric legend of the Chocolate Hills says that, there was once a giant who fell in love to a beautiful girl from the village. Out of desperation, the giant kidnapped the village girl; however, the girl died as they go along their journey. The giant was then saddened by the death of the beautiful village girl, so he cried and cried; and his giant tears turned out to be the Chocolate Hills of today.

With the endless mounds in Bohol, you might think that this place has been left by civilization and you have to be an experienced camper to survive. But in reality, this place is more of a vacation getaway than a surviving-in-the-woods adventure. Yep! In fact, two of the highest hills had resorts and restaurants on them, plus a view deck to satisfy your insatiable hunger to wander your eyes on breathtaking sceneries. More so, the costs that you have to pay to enjoy your stay are absolutely at its minimum.

The Chocolate Hills is Bohol’s principal attraction—the centerpiece of the whole island. It’s the landmark that tells you that you are in Bohol. Boholanos would actually say that you are not in Bohol if you haven’t seen the Chocolate Hills. So, pack your bags up, book a trip, and see you there!