The Nightlife in Boracay Island

Boracay is more than just its beautiful and scenic beaches. The Island of Boracay has a lot more to offer to its guests. The festive people of the Boracay Island reflect their outgoing personality in their fabulous clubs and bars that keeps the night owl alive and kicking!

The Boracay Island is crowded with charming bars, loud clubs, and smooth acoustic lounges. All music lovers find a suitable haven unique for everyone. The music oasis gives fuller life to the nights in Boracay Island. Among the popular taprooms are:

Red Pirate – Plays acoustic music, reggae, and ethic tunes. This bar is charming in its own native ambiance. This may be your idea of “little-tropical-bar”.
Sports Bar – This place is made for sports-enthusiast. With their cheaper beer and wide flat screen television for your favorite sports viewing, what can go wrong?
Bom Bom Bar- This bar has a live band playing reggae and ethnic tunes with a laid back ambiance. This is also quite a favorite hangout for local and foreign musicians as well.
Pier One – Serves dinner during supper time but right after it’s over, it transforms into a club playing hip hop and tech music. Both the young and young once can dance their night way.
Fridays Resort – For a cultural dance show, this is the place to be!
Hey Jude – For late night clubbing with live DJ’s. Served here are pastas and bistro style dishes. Perfect combination for foodies.
Juice – Well-known for its flirty cocktails, this place plays RnB and dance music for the party-animals in the Island of Boracay.

Boracay Island’s night life is also a big contributing factor of the island’s tourism. The fun and the party brought by the pubs are incomparable. For this reason, a local cocktail is named after this island “Boracay”. Boracay cocktail drink is a mixture of brandy, powdered chocolate drink, coffee preferably 3 in 1 mix, hot water and condensed milk. Whoa! When you are in Rome, speak Roman. When you are in Boracay Island, drink Boracay cocktail!