Spending a Vacation in Bohol

If the only off from work that you have had for the past six months was only when you take a deep breath, then you definitely need a break—a relaxing and soothing trip that is full-packed with fun and experiences that you need to be revived, without the cost the we call “a fortune”.When planning for a trip, budget is always our first consideration (well, except for those who are rich enough to swipe their cards everywhere). It’s a restriction that most of us are facing. However, it shouldn’t stop us from doing what we want to do and going where our feet want to take us because there are actually vacation spots out there that offers the same level of experience as those of the expensive out-of-the-country trips. The island of vacation in Bohol is definitely perfect choice.

We are all aware that Bohol is famous for its endless rolling mounds that turn to chocolate-like hills in the summer, significance in the Philippine history, beaches that are beaded with white sands, and the local cuisine that has remained uninfluenced for ages—these characteristics made every vacation in Bohol a memorable experience.

Spending a vacation in Bohol is having various experiences in one trip, because Bohol vacation is the definition coming to reality for the word “vacation”. Let’s give you a blow by blow description on that. First, the Chocolate Hills provides an eternal view of green mounds and gives off fresh air to the entire island, so that’s stress-relieving. Second, it is also in Bohol where the remarkable blood compact of Legazpi and Sikatuna happened. The Pacto de Sangre or blood compact symbolizes the unification of Spain (through Legazpi) and Bohol (through Sikatuna), so that’s a vacation with historical education. Third reason why Bohol vacation is a must are the white sand beaches. Panglao Island is famous for its white sand beaches, exceptional foods and beverages, and hospitable people. In line with that, you can also go on snorkelling, diving, or go swimming with the dolphins to satisfy your sense of adventure. So that’s where fun, adventure, and a gastronomic experience come in. Lastly, if you wanna try the gentleman’s sports on the island, you can go golfing in one of Panglao’s resorts, so that’s a new experience. Having said that, vacation in Bohol is indeed a must-try.

When planning a vacation, you don’t really need to look farther, Bohol is always there waiting for you; and a vacation in Bohol has never been boring as it has so much things and activities lined up for jetsetters like you. And with that, we’ll wait for you there!