Vacations to Go: Palawan and Samal

There are times when a person simply has to get away, hide for logical reasons, enjoy and relax from the ambiance around him. This typical ideology is present in every person living. This is even one good reason why people aim to work hard to satisfy their own need of satisfaction and relaxation. Actually there are so many places in the Philippines where you could enjoy, reflect and relax. In the largest island in the country, Mindanao, has treasured different kinds of beauty and wonders that is really awe inspiring both to the senses and the soul. These places are vacations to go because a night or a day would not enough to appreciate and fully feel it.

Palawan, an island province of the Philippines and is the largest province in the country in terms of total area of jurisdiction, cradles a great views of underwater and underground. If you shall come to see it, you will have the bounty of appreciating the nature and the forces behind it that drives the creatures both terrestrial and aquatic to live and move. This place is just one of the vacations to go for every tourist local or foreign.

A second class city in the Philippines and boasting its crystal clear water and fine, soothing and white sanded beaches, Island Garden of Samal rejuvenates its visitors with its cool waters. Then, as the sun dips down at the horizon and upon going back to the Samal house, you will find a jar of water and a coconut shell dipper at the entrance. You can wash away the sand using this water. By doing so, you are following the symbolic ritual of cleansing the spirit. Inside the stilt house, you will find gentle sleep due to the lullaby of the soft waves- surely vacations to go.