Best Vacation Places in the Philippines

Paradise! Pristine beaches, powdery sand, clear sea water, colorful underwater scene – welcome to the best vacation places in the Philippines! The archipelago is bestowed with 7, 107 islands scattered the entire country. The location of the Philippines is so ideal having 8 hours of sun daily and the rest is for the beauty of the moonlight – this all year Read more

Philippine Tourist Island Spot: Welcome to the Enchanting Camiguin Island!

The beautiful island of Camiguin known as the island born of fire is bestowed with abundant natural resources both land and water. This island is considered one of the most attractive Philippine tourist spots because of its wonderful diversity of its ecosystem. Camiguin is a Philippine tourist island spot with varied attractions from historic to religious to natural spots. Read more

Delightfully Cheap Trips and Packages to Palawan

Can’t imagine summer vacation without a plunge to the beach? Dying to have beachside picnic and take a romantic sunset stroll? Or do you simply want to even your tan lines? Palawan might be just the perfect destination for you. Discover its emerald blue waters you’ve only seen in postcards. Taste its delectable dishes with enthralling tropical ambiance. Read a book in a cozy nook at the beach. Make your imagination come to reality – getaway to Palawan!
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Philippine Discounted Accommodation: What You Need to Check

The country Philippines located at the tropical area of the Earth, is among of the world’s favorite hideaway especially for those who wishes to have traced tan-lines and golden brown skin. During the “wet season” most Philippine accommodations are discounted. However, even during wet season, the sun still shines brightly on this beautiful country. To say, it is still a good time to visit the archipelago.
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The Ultimate Boracay Packages

Summer is just around the corner! In a few more weeks the heat of the sun would start to scorch and it’s officially summer. Tan lines, braided hair, and bright neon colors are ready to set in. Where would we be this summer? Nowhere but let’s flock to the Island of Boracay.
Going to Boracay this summer season is definitely the best choice. Vacationing to Boracay is not that expensive as it used to be. Unlike before when there were still few established resorts, this time small hotels and local resorts are dominating the island. These hotels offer budget-friendly Boracay packages.

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Air Philippines Promo: Best Fare to Singapore

Air Philippines launched its latest Asian promo on Singapore! Air Philippines labeled this promo as the “Best Fare to Singapore”. This Air Philippines promo is targeting Filipino travelers who wish to visit or re-visit the home of the Merlion. The flights depart from two major local cities – Cebu and Manila. For Cebu City, the flight departs at 3:30 pm and arrives at 6:55 pm at Changi Airport. For Manila, the flight departs at 4:50 pm and arrives at 8:20 pm still at Changi Airport. This Air Philippines Singapore promo is reasonably priced at 1888 Php one way ticket.
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