The Bounty Which Tagaytay Tourist Spots Withhold

Though there are so many travel destinations in the country, Tagaytay still shines among the best. Named as the second summer capital of the Philippines, the province withholds one of the most breathtaking sceneries the country has ever had- the Palace in the Sky. Tagaytay is just a 2 hour-drive from Manila overlooking the various gifts of nature- animals, plants, flowers, large trees and cold weather. Coconut groves make the ridges of Tagaytay visible and classy accommodations give the visiting tourists the pleasures of relaxation and at the same time, wide benefits of enjoying the rustic magnificent view of Taal.
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Where to Stay: Hotels in Tagaytay

Home of the world’s smallest volcano- Taal Volcano, Tagaytay is an excellent place for fun and leisure. Who wouldn’t be mesmerized by its beautiful highlands and mountain views? Staying in this wonderful place is worry-free. The City of Tagaytay is equipped with hotels from luxurious to economy classes. Choosing a hotel in Tagaytay is indeed just a click away. Read more