Affordable Boracay Hotels

We all want to feel the breeze of the fresh air kissing our skin, to walk barefooted on the long white sand beaches, to indulge in delectable cravings, to swim with the dolphins in the deep blue ocean, and to rest our backs on the bed of hotel rooms with exceptional service. However, not every one of us is willing to endure all the fortune it will cost, so we huddled with our travel enthusiasts to list down the affordable hotels in Boracay — without compromising the quality of service. Let’s get started…

Blue Waves. A beachfront hotel that satisfies your insatiable lust to wander on beautiful sceneries that has a 24/7 WiFi to make sure you upload your pictures real-time and let your friends know the great time you’re having/ With room rates at Php. 2,000.00 per night, this is definitely where you should stay.

Boracay Breeze. A budget hotel that is a three-minute walk from the beach. They have a drive-in restaurant and a laundry service that are also affordable, plus a roof deck to make you feel like you own the world, for only Php. 1,300.00 per night.

The Boracay Beach Resort. Another beachfront hotel in Boracay that has a 24/7 hotel security and room service. For Php. 2,300.00, you get to enjoy the comfort of luxury hotels.

La Bella Casa. If you are into the Spanish Era inspired atmosphere, this hotel is right for you. For only Php. 1,400.00, you get to enjoy a complimentary breakfast, a free WiFi, a tempting bath tub, and more. And don’t worry about power interruptions because this hotel has got a 24-hour standby generator.

Balai Capiz. Want some native touch on your vacation? This place is where you should be. A combination of nature and modernization is what this hotel is — native on the outside, but modern on the inside. At Php. 1,000.00 per night, you get to experience the best of both worlds.

Island Nook. Another affordable hotel that is a minute walk from D’ Mall. For only Php. 1, 400.00 per night, you get to have a room that has an LCD Cable TV, DVD Player, a free access to WiFi, daily breakfast, a transportation service, and a whole lot more.

A quality vacation is getting things work for you and your budget. Make early hotel reservations to avail discounts, inquire on the activities that are available for you to experience, and make use of the amenities that are inclusive to your hotel accommodations.