Philippine Tourist Island Spot: Welcome to the Enchanting Camiguin Island!

The beautiful island of Camiguin known as the island born of fire is bestowed with abundant natural resources both land and water. This island is considered one of the most attractive Philippine tourist spots because of its wonderful diversity of its ecosystem. Camiguin is a Philippine tourist island spot with varied attractions from historic to religious to natural spots. With short distances from each other, the island is replete with hot and cold springs, white sand beaches, rain forests and old cathedral ruins and the seven volcanoes. Throughout the years, this gifted tourist island spot has preserved its simple and grandeur ambiance with new improvements of small-scale infrastructure and transportation.

The people in the island of Camiguin value their cultural heritage and true enough, it reflects on their traditional handy-crafts designs such as native slippers, hats and bags. During the Lanzones festival, a rich cultural creativity is showcased through the historical dances of Tinikling and Pandanggo sa Ilaw. These two dances also made use of local resources like bamboo and candles. The colorful Lanzones festival has become a major tourist attraction in the island which has drawn not only local but foreign tourist as well.

For livelihood, this Philippine tourist island spot enjoys laid back lifestyle. The local are into craft making, farming, fishing and baking delicacies. The famous local delicacy in the island is called “pastel”. Pastel is a bread with sweet cream filling inside. The sweet bread has captured the tastes of everyone visiting the island. You’ll know someone is from the island because it rather quite normal to see tourist carrying boxes of pastels!