A Brief Review on Kabayan Hotels

Kabayan Hotel is a local hotel chain owned and managed by Legend Hotels International Incorporation which also owned other famous hotels such as The Legend Villas, The Legend Palawan and Pinoy Pamilya Hotel. “Kabayan” is a Tagalog word which can be called to a person calling another person of the same race. Kabayan Hotel signifies patriotism and nationalistic pride. By this, being Philippines a developing country, Kabayan Hotels mostly caters to students, businessmen from the province as well as tourist who choose cheaper accommodation.

Kabayan Hotel rates are quite affordable. There’s a wide selection of room from single to de luxe accommodations. One of the best things in Kabayan Hotels is its dormitory occupancy which includes three double deck beds plus children below 10 years old are free of charge in this room -an ideal room for big families! This is also best for students on educational trips or for group of friends vacationing. Students are very much welcome in Kabayan Hotels as well. Their pad rooms are designed for students who are in the city for exams, seminars, and trainings. The pad room has a single bed, television and most of all a study table. Most hotels have a vanity table but not a study table. Kabayan Hotel is indeed student-friendly!

Tripadvisor.com offers Kabayan Hotel reviews. Some reviews are quite unfriendly but generally Kabayan Hotels are rated as “very good”. Kabayan Hotels are not for high-end, luxurious stay although they have rooms with higher rates, bigger space and more comfortable accommodations. Kabayan Hotel is not a premier hotel for fancy but for practical and functional purposes, this hotel is the best place to stay.