WOW Philippines! WOW GenSan!

Tourism is one aspect a nation or a state should fully reinforce as it is a piece of the main factors why a country is counted to be stabilized and progressive. The Philippines bountifully have tourism which the rural and urban areas are striving hard to improve and make it more remarkable to the five senses which every man owns. One of the trending cities now is the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, though have grown limited with all the riches of nature, General Santos City has paved a cleaner way to fame. Aside from being the Tuna King of the Philippines, General Santos City impressed the whole world with its renowned boxer Manny Pacquiao and the 3rd Runner up Miss Universe, Miss Shamcey Supsup. It’s just a matter of saying, WOW! Philippines.

Excellence is not just the only word known by the Generals as they also embody the whole of the region with dignity and quality. This is proven through the foreign investors capitalizing here in the Philippines in the way of importing Tuna products either processed or raw.

General Santos City, branded as a highly urbanized first class city compels tourism as one area of intensifying what has been started on its economic status. One evidence of that is the victory of the delegates and entries of the city in acquiring the crown in a national convention of tourism officers in the Philippines where the Kalilangan festival of General Santos City was awarded as the best tourism event in the Philippines.

Foreigners, when they come to see the Philippines would say, WOW Philippines, as well as the Department of Tourism’s campaign, WOW Philippines, and when they learn the achievements of the Generals, people shall say, WOW GenSan! But if you were in General Santos City, the Generals will greet you with a warm “Magandang GenSan!