Top Philippine Destinations

Philippines is named after King Philip of Spain II in the 16th century during the long period of colonization of the Spaniards in the country. The Philippine’s rich history and colorful past reflect the locals flamboyant personality and positive disposition. But not only that, this richness can also be felt, seen and touched by the country’s tourist attractions.

One of the top Philippine destinations is the world famous island of Boracay. This island is known for its powdery, white sand and blue waters. Tourists flock here all year round to get scorched and perfect their tan. The island of Palawan is also among the top Philippine destinations. Palawan is also considered as paradise for beach lovers or if you want to simply commune with nature. El Nido in Palawan has very scenic views of lagoons ideal for kayaking and snorkeling.

Another top Philippine Destination is Bohol. Bohol is widely known for its “Chocolate Hills” – they uniformly look like inverted cones, brown in color that appears to be like chocolates. You can also find in Bohol the smallest monkey – a monkey as small as your fist. Perhaps this is the significant factor that made Bohol one of the top Philippine destinations

The country has so much to offer for all kinds of tourists, but if your stay is limited; don’t miss the top Philippine destinations.