The Mesmerizing Philippine Tarsier

One of the amazing things why Bohol is a top tourist destination is the existence of the Philippine Tarsier- hailed as the “smallest monkey” in the world. This Philippine Tarsier scientifically known as Tarsius Syrichta is indeed so cute measuring up to 4 to 5 inches only. It is about or less than the size of an adult’s closed fist.

The Philippine Tarsier is a primitive primate so adorable with its tail longer than its body. It has a huge overwhelming pair of eyes whose sockets are believed to be larger than its brain. What is truly unique about the Philippine Tarsier is the post-orbital closure of the eyes which prevents it from totally being pressed. It is bulging outwardly – truly mesmerizing!
Nocturnal by nature, the Philippine Tarsier is asleep during tourist visiting hours. When the sun is up, they tend to hide close to the ground in hollow holes. These small creatures dwell on the base on trunks and roots in bamboo shrubs. The Philippine Tarsier is also observed to be sociable being. They huddle together in groups with male and female members. The female is believed to be nurturing while the male Philippine tarsier is found to be careless.

Now, the Philippine Government declared the Philippine Tarsier as an endangered species. With very limited number up to date, these monkeys are available for tourist viewing in Philippine Tarsier Foundation in Bohol with certain restrictions. The monkeys should not be touched since they are sensitive and delicate to human hands which can hurt their futile hairless skin. The maximum life span of the Philippine Tarsier is form 12 years to 20 years if care is properly applied.
The Philippine tarsier is also found in some neighboring island in Samar, Leyte and some parts in Mindanao province but of slightly different specifications. The Philippine Tarsier in Bohol is a remarkable creature bringing pride to the country. Aside from the translucent beaches of the Philippines, the Tarsier is one thing any tourist should not dare to miss.