Puerto Galera Resorts: Must Visited Schemes

Located on the northwestern part of the province of Oriental Mindoro, Puerto Galera thrives healthily along with its diverse sea of corals making it one of the highest population and diversity of marine species in the world. Tourism has replaces the previous living of the people of Puerto Galera which is fishing because they found out that catering local and international tourists would cost them much higher than fishing. For this, the National Statistics Coordination Board of the Philippines has rated the town to be 1st class in terms of living based on household income. Thus, making Puerto Galera resorts become more prominent and indulging.

A living ground for the Mangyan people, Puerto Galera is a sleepy town decorated by few attractions such as a large Central Catholic Church and a Pier area with quite a number of refined bistros and cafes.

Among the numerous of Puerto Galera resorts are the famous Sabang Beach and locally known White Beach Resort. The Sabang Beach is more attractive to foreign sights because of its active nightlife with bars and restaurants operating night time. White Beach Resort, also having the beauty of Puerto Galera, accommodates tourist, but is more popular to the local ones. Both have excellent hotel accommodations and include first-class hotel room packages down to the economy hotel room package.

Adding up the Puerto Galera resorts is the Marco Vincent resort which has 38 Mediterranean style rooms which varies from a Queen’s room, Deluxe Room, Family Room and the boasted Premiere Room. Unlike the latter resort, El Galleon proposes 6 rooms varying from the services it offers, namely: Budget Rooms, Poolside Rooms, Family Rooms, Seaview Rooms, Penthouse Apartments and Luxury Rooms. Because Puerto Galera owns innately the beauty of the beach, resorts set the competition through their amenities and accommodation strategies.