Delightfully Cheap Trips and Packages to Palawan

Can’t imagine summer vacation without a plunge to the beach? Dying to have beachside picnic and take a romantic sunset stroll? Or do you simply want to even your tan lines? Palawan might be just the perfect destination for you. Discover its emerald blue waters you’ve only seen in postcards. Taste its delectable dishes with enthralling tropical ambiance. Read a book in a cozy nook at the beach. Make your imagination come to reality – getaway to Palawan!

Palawan is one the Philippines premier beach destinations. What’s commendable about this island are its virgin natural resources preserved. Because of its untouched aesthetic beauty, throngs of local and international flock to spend their vacation in this amazing island. That is why airline companies and resorts in Palawan created cheap trips and packages to accommodate tourists from all walks of life.

Air Philippines, the sister company of the Asia’s first airline – Philippine Airlines, offers the cheapest trip ticket from Manila to Palawan for only 488 Php (12 USD) one way. This cheap trip offer requires certain duration of booking reservations and is valid for a period of time as specified. Cheap trips often sell like hot cakes so first come first serve policy applies. In addition, it is a common knowledge that cheap trips are bounded by the airline’s term and conditions. Often this means limited baggage allowance and nocturnal hours. But for those who want to have cheap trip, this is definitely for them. The incredibly pristine azure water waiting in Palawan is more than worth the little sacrifice!

To top it all, resorts’ accommodation are something worth checking out. In tune with the cheap trip airfares, cheap trip packages fulfilled the comforts of staying at home. Accommodations packages starts 3 days and 2 nights for 4,235 Php (100 USD) twin-sharing, free breakfast, with island hopping activities; for 4 days and 3 nights with ultimate nature adventure, twin sharing for only 6,900 Php (165 USD). The services and the activity packages depend on the respective prices

You probably what do what every tourist do – pack bags, book and fly away!