Best Places to Travel in the Philippines

Seated in the blue waters of the pacific, the Philippines have so many places where you can make adventure, surf experiences, build camaraderie, explore finds, acquire relaxation and even food tripping. The only thing that you shall really get on with is learning the Filipino language. It may seem too hard for every foreigner to learn a language that is foreign to them, but they have to somewhat interject with the society that they are in. In exploring the best places to travel in the Philippines, it is also best to learn the language Filipinos use to maximize the fun, excitement and pleasure.

Nothing beats the white sand beaches of the northwest tip of Panay Island, Boracay. With its gleaming beauty, many are lured and get a touch of it. The scenic and cold views of the Tagaytay “Palace in the Sky” is also one place you should include to your list, as we are talking about the best place to travel in the Philippines.

The largest island in the archipelago has its own ways of showing beauty, adventure and memories. One of these is the ever relaxing place of Samal island, situated just beneath the end tip of Davao City, displaying its crystal blue surface. Its diving site is best for those who wanted to see and have a live view of the underwater living.

Going north is the island of the best waves, Camiguin Island, where waves are as tall as the commercial buildings you see in Philippine cities. This is probably one of the best places to travel and of course marked well by foreign surfers and beach goers as well.
Fun and excitement are not really defined by the best places ever existed, but it’s the memories, laughs and bonds that you shall treasure, making every trip, always worth the spending.