Three Indulging Palawan Tourist Spots

Only not just a title holder for exemplary natural paradisaic locations, Palawan also holds the top spot for its home of wildlife animals and plant species- these created Palawan tourist spots. It is probably a common fact that Palawan, with its 1,489,655 hectares and called as “The Last Frontier”, sustains and maintains scenic locations. Recognized as the top diving spot in the Philippines, Palawan clasps the tourism industry with its bombastic tourism stats garnering a double-digit growth from 2007 up to the present. So how does the name of Palawan lures visitors and tourists to dock and visit the third largest island of the Philippines? The answer is in its God-given beauty and natural wealth.

Coron, a top spot
Owning a splendor of the waters with its 7 stimulatingly lovely lakes, Coron gives a visual happiness to those visitors who peek at its beauty for the first time. Its mountainous terrain adds up to the adventure trekkers which lead you to the soothing hot springs and saltwater resorts where you can lie down and relax your excited body. This is just one of the Palawan tourist spots you may find to explore.

El Nido, the spot for you
With its enchanting landmass branching to 96,000 hectares, El Nido gives the visual and emotional pleasure you are looking for and just right for you with its remarkable limestone cliffs, rare birds, cool virgin rainforests, mangroves, white sand beaches and inviting coral reefs. It is such a delight to visit and watch these adorable sights.

Tubbataha Reef, an herb for grief
One of the grandeur Palawan tourist spots is the Tubbataha Reefs, a World Heritage Site listed by the World Tourism Association. This is considered to be “The Cradle of Philippines Civilization” where the Tabon Cave lies behind. Not just a home for prehistoric Filipinos but also a paradise for many invertebrates, reef fishes and coral reefs.

So, these are the reasons why Palawan tourism soars higher every year. Get a try, get to Palawan.