The Ultimate Boracay Packages

Summer is just around the corner! In a few more weeks the heat of the sun would start to scorch and it’s officially summer. Tan lines, braided hair, and bright neon colors are ready to set in. Where would we be this summer? Nowhere but let’s flock to the Island of Boracay.
Going to Boracay this summer season is definitely the best choice. Vacationing to Boracay is not that expensive as it used to be. Unlike before when there were still few established resorts, this time small hotels and local resorts are dominating the island. These hotels offer budget-friendly Boracay packages.

For the summation of these Boracay packages, they are as follows: (Per Person/Twin Sharing)

Crown Regency – approximately 7,000 Php
Madarin Hotel – approximately 6000 Php
Two Seasons – approximately 8,500 Php
Boracay Garden – approximately 5,000 Php
Shining Le Soleil – approximately 7,500 Php
Ocean Boracay Beach Resort – approximately 5,500 Php
Bamboo Beach Resort – approximately 3,000 Php
Red Coconut – approximately 5,000 Php

Note that these Boracay packages prices are approximate, not fixed. For complete details of what is inclusive of these Boracay packages, you may check their own website. Most of these Boracay packages rates are subjective depending on the season. Prices sky rockets during super high peak season usually around April where there is a long holiday (Holy Week) in the Philippines. Accommodation, air fare and everything else increases their price during the said holiday. However, because there are several Boracay packages to choose from, the competition commercially regulates the rates. This is purely beneficial to the public.

Boracay tour packages are indeed a cheaper alternative rather than visiting the island on an individual tour. Boracay packages also prove to be convenient and hassle-free. All you have to do is book, pay, pack your back and all set! Most of the services in Boracay packages include land transport from the airport to their respective hotels; some includes breakfast, welcome drinks, and government fees.