Scuba Diving Vacation, A Leisure To Reason

Adventure is truly innate to man and is one reason why the world now enjoys the visual delicacies both made by people and made by Mother Nature. Adventures comes with various and numerous genres all tackling the beauty, fun and experience of it. One of the most promising and unforgettable adventures is scuba diving where you come face to face with the creations laying above the seabed in the bountiful seas of the Philippine archipelago. The Philippine waters are rich when talking about scuba diving vacation sites. As a matter of fact, the Philippines is one of the most visited countries in the world because of the virgin or untouched by industrialization underwater wonders.

Numerous tourist spots in the country own scuba diving vacation sites to further pull the human species nearer to nature and its beauty. One of these is the lovely Sabang Bay where in the depth of 3-4 meters you can witness the active and quiet spectacles of the ocean; from the minute schools of fishes to the slow paced large turtles swimming harmoniously with the waves of the water. On the city of Cebu, lies a treasured expanse of amazing scuba diving vacation sites and resorts. Famed for its extravagant underwater sceneries, Moalboal offers more than what is expected from it. The tropical waters of the Philippines make it more delicate to the eyes as you watch the blues and whites of the surface of the ocean’s dancing movements. Another destination if you plan to make a scuba diving vacation experience is the famous and now honored to be one of the world’s heritages is the Tubbataha reefs. It is home for more than 450 species of corals, 400 species of marine algae, 222 species of marine mammals, 6 species of turtles and 16 known species of sea grass.

The Philippines was gifted enough with natural resources and Filipinos should take the great responsibility upon these treasures; scuba diving vacation experience is not just about fun, it is also about appreciation and awareness.