Revered Philippine Honeymoon Destinations, Uncovered

Just after saying “I do”, you would prefer staying out of the town and enjoy the first moments with your newly- wed partner. Hugs and kisses, HHWW, sitting together on the bed of relaxing rocks, watching the sun set and rise- such wonderful things to do after a white ceremony that changed your lives forever. The question is where shall you take both of your souls and feed it with luscious times and memories in the country? Fortunately, Philippines was blessed with numerous and enthralling spots where you could spend time together. Honeymoon destinations such as Camiguin Island, Siargao, and Samal Island- all in the south- are just the top picks of the many treasured spots in the locale counting with Palawan, Baguio, Bohol, Cebu etc.

Containing the largest mangrove forest reserves in Mindanao, Siargao Island coasts its Cloud 9 to whoever wants to experience its clash and coolness. It’s thick and hollow cubic waves make tourist around the world keep coming back- a trip not just for friends and family but also for lovers. An adventure- themed honeymoon is suited here as you shall learn to swim and fly with the waves of Siargao, tasting its sweet salt and bracing its cooling breeze.

Such a wonderful haven of white sand beaches and resort Samal Island is. Located in the south of Davao mainland, IGaCoS or Island Garden City of Samal boasts its virgin land along with its stunningly white sand beaches and clear waters. Honeymoon destinations are put up here as well as vacation resorts where you can spend your holidays and joyous parties. An artificial bat cave shall be created in the island to further clasp the citizens and every visitor to the cradle of nature and witness how bats do a living as sons and daughters of the Earth.

Still looking for another choice? Another natural paradise is the Island of Camiguin located off the northern coast of Misamis Oriental with its unmatched panorama of blue waters and greenest forests. Honeymoon destinations such as this shall really drag you and your partner to nature. Here you can attest to the towering cone-shaped volcanoes, explore unknown trails and caves, falter with the beauty of majestic waterfalls and feel the freedom of the Camiguin wind.

The best thing with honeymoons is you get to delight yourselves with your partner’s differences and similarities; you start and continue knowing each other. Actually, these honeymoons destinations are just your bonuses, as long as you have love; you will live life with luxury.