Philippine Weekend Getaways for Families

Probably, you are thinking of a better place to hang into and relax after a long week’s work. Well, Philippines do not have the dearth of relaxing places and actually, she has bunches of it. Weekend getaways for families are best spent in Tagaytay with its lovely Taal Lake on show, in Puerto Galera with its inviting depth and in Puerto Azul, a wide adventure-based natural reserve. Any time of the year, you can consult and have a tour on these three exceptional spots all located in the north.

Tagaytay Highlands
Just an hour drive from the capital of Laguna, Tagaytay welcomes you with its chilling air and relaxing ambience with its green forest and lovable sights. Withholding the countries admiration as one of the most interesting topographical features, Tagaytay possesses a lake created by volcanic eruptions and Tagaytay ridge which is about 2250 ft above sea level. Around the peace and tranquil area, flower farms thrive healthily because of the fair weather. If your family wants adventure, you can trek up to the mountain’s rim and take a look on paradise below.

Puerto Galera: Flora and Fauna
Crowned as the dive capital of the Philippines, Puerto Galera amazes every visitor and tourist with its owned 24 preserved and protected dive sites rife with nature’s flora and fauna. Few of the most famed spots in Puerto Galera are Coral Garden, Medio Island and Long Beach where the current is smooth and the waters are shallow making it a perfect spot for your weekend getaways for families and friends. Rock formations are also schemes to watch as it houses fishes and water creatures.

Puerto Azul: The Blue Pub
Nestled at the entrance of the southern entrance of Manila Bay, Puerto Azul is a host to expendable and exciting amenities such as bowling center, squash, 18-hole golf course, Jacuzzi, bicycle rounds, nature trail, ropes course and ball sports- all of these compacted in a 3,300-hectare area of fun and excitement.