Philippine Discounted Accommodation: What You Need to Check

The country Philippines located at the tropical area of the Earth, is among of the world’s favorite hideaway especially for those who wishes to have traced tan-lines and golden brown skin. During the “wet season” most Philippine accommodations are discounted. However, even during wet season, the sun still shines brightly on this beautiful country. To say, it is still a good time to visit the archipelago.

What You Need To Check
Philippine discounted accommodations rooms appeal very tempting for buget-travelers. Price is good marketing strategy but since you always get what you pay for, it is ideal to review what is inclusive of the discounted accommodations in the Philippines.

Shower – Check the hotel website if hot and cold shower is available. Because the Philippines is a hot country, some hotels do not have hot shower. But generally, hotels have.
Towels – Make sure there are free towels. In some hotels, towels have additional charges.
Basic Toiletries – Shampoo, soap and toothpaste in small packs are normally free in most hotels in the Philippines. Some though do not offer.
Wi-fi – There are still accommodations that do not offer Wi-fi. If you are the type who needs to be wired all the time, check the hotel first before booking.
Location – Most hotels give discounted accommodations because of their location.

Accommodations situated at the heart of the city usually have higher rates. Accessibility and convenience is paid.
Several website on Philippine Travel offers pictures, tips and reviews on reasonable discounted accommodations in the Philippines.
In your travel to the Philippines, discounted accommodations should not in any way compromise the essentials in your trip. A good trip does not have to be luxurious but a comfortable, safe bed to sleep.