PAL Airlines: Making a Change

Being the first Philippine airline company to deliver Boeing 777, PAL airlines continue to furnish its history. From its founding on February 1941 by a group of businessmen led by Andres Soriano, PAL commemorated its 70th anniversary last February 2011, a month from now, PAL shall be on its 71st. But the airbus company does not only spend their existence on celebrating their annual survival but also bestows the country’s travelers and the international passengers with appropriate and quality flight and freight services. It is undeniable that PAL is nonetheless the closest competitor of Cebu Pacific Airlines, but as for the real purpose, they did not subsist to just compete, but to serve and prosper the Filipino people.

On their online platform, PAL imposes different features that would greatly help you with your travelling plans, either you go abroad, or you go and tour the locales of the Philippines. For savings, PAL airlines have this PALakbayan lite and Swingaround lite packages which perfectly suits travelers with limited budget. The PALakbayan is for those travelers, who want to explore the beauty of the Philippines. This is a domestic tour package inclusive with a 2-night hotel accommodation with daily breakfast having the flight code BCC. The Swingaround lite is for travelers who aims to go abroad but has limited budget. This is a tour package inclusive of 2-day hotel accommodation with daily breakfast and a complementary basic tour.

If you are still planning for your travel or on your way to travelling, PAL airlines have at store for you in the form of its online travel guide where you shall learn the relevant information about the international destination you choose to visit such as their culture, language, their way of greetings, the place to visit, the historical spots and of course the delectable food.

PAL is extensively improving, from their digital platform up to their air buses; and someday, they shall conquer and relive the honor that previously was theirs.