Mindanao Christmas and Family Holiday Locations

The Pearl of the Orient Seas has everything to boast of when talking about the luscious family holiday locations counting off those place spots located in the north and the National Capital Region. The south also owns a vast expanse of heavenly natural spots to visit and lay down your time. On the list is the ever famous Dakak Park Beach Resort, the white haven and small Boracay of Glan, Gumasa and the mysterious natural lake of Lake Sebu.

Dipolog’s White Coast
Located on the tip of Northern Zamboanga, Dakak Park Beach Resort confronts the brave and wide Sulu Sea. The resort’s white sand covering makes it more refreshing and calming to every visitor’s senses accompanied by its rushing winds, two tranquil pools fed by natural waterfalls, and an open-air Jacuzzi area. This 750 meter long private beach is perfect for any season as it evades the typhoon belt, no raging winds and no bullying waves. This is an excellent vacation spot and one of the many Mindanao family holiday locations where recreational facilities shall add up your activities such as archery, boating, bowling, tennis court water sports, golfing, horse riding etc.

Small Boracay of the South
Just an hour drive from the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, General Santos City, Gumasa beaches exposes its crystal blue and white beauty to every believer who tours around the province’s pride. These lumps of beach resorts have taken its name from the barangay it is situated, Barangay Gumasa. Fun and amazement shall conquer the whole of you as you graze along the six-kilometer-long beach with its lovely crystal clear blue waters and smooth white sandy coastline.

The Lake to take
The natural lake of Lake Sebu is located in the cradle of the B’laan tribe in Allah Valley Region in the Municipality of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. The lake itself lullabies tourists and excursionists with its serene and cooling environment. Rich with freshwater fishes, Lake Sebu also boasts its Seven Falls where you shall find real seven falls all with varying challenges and length. This is just one of the most suited family holiday locations especially for those who love adventures where you can also try the longest zip line in the Philippines.