Mindanao and Its Last Minute Travel Deals

Decided to abruptly travel and have made not early reservations? Well, you need to have last minute travel deals which of course, are rare especially here in the Philippines. But the good news is, there are travel spots in the Philippines that require no early reservations, only just, you have to arrange plane or ship tickets abruptly too, that is if you really want to travel now. And if you’re talking of a travel spot, Mindanao is a haven of such. It is considered as the Land of Promise of the archipelago that cradles more than a hundred of different tribes living harmoniously as people of the Philippines.

Just one of these spots is Camiguin Island which is most celebrated because of its richness of the fruit locally called as “lanzones”. It also is home for the memorable and unforgettable underground cemetery which has sunk many years ago because of the rise of water in the land. Be charmed with the beauty of the Mt. Hibuk-hibok and with the shining shorelines sprinkled with white sand beach resorts. You can reach here even with last minute travel deals.

To experience heavenly peace, as in serenity and calming ambience of nature, you can visit and tour the very angelic place of Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur. The white foams, the strong falls of water and the inviting coolness of its rush fills your hunger of relaxation.

Another client of last minute travel deals is the province of Compostella Valley. It is a home to Lunod Island, “lunod” a Filipino term for drowned as the island is full of large and medium mangroves, covering the whole lump of land. A cave also lies in the vicinity which is caters unique forms of stalagmites, stalactites and a fair lair to fruit-eating bats.