Hidden Tourist Spot in the Philippines

You have all heard of Boracay, Bohol, Cebu, and Palawan for their wonderful translucent beaches. These famous tourist spots have become a household name. Everybody flocks here all year long. Not only that, tourist keep coming back and seem they can’t get enough.

But if you are more adventurous type, discover a new hidden tourist spot in the Philippines. Explore the wonderful jewel of Samar Island. This untouched Philippine tourist spot is located in the Visayas Region situated at the Central Visayas. This is politically divided into three provinces: the Northern Samar, the Southern Samar and Samar Province. This quaint island is known by few tourists but this place has so much to offer. Unlike other islands with white beaches, Samar is a Philippine tourist spot with a tick for adrenaline with is cave exploration. It’s time to welcome those hard hats, flashlight, over-all suits and say hello to those stalagmites and stalactites.

Enjoy the thrilling climbs and crawls instead of the usual swim and dive. Geographically, this tourist spot in the Philippines is bestowed with magnificently intricate contoured surfaces challenging the trekkers in the journey. The mountain slopes of this Philippine tourist spot continue to fascinate the tourists leaving them in awe. Furthermore, because of its different natural terrain, this hidden tourist spot in the Philippines is natural haven for all sorts of outdoor activities.

What are you waiting for? Tired of the beaches, visit Samar Island. Dare to have vacation of a life time.