A Peek of Camotes Island

Camotes Islands are group of islands located at the northern part of the Cebu Province. The Camotes are divided into four islands namely: Poro, Pacijan, Ponson and Tulang. The entire Camotes Island is small in land area with only one or two municipality in each island. Not quite a big number to say. But nevertheless, Camotes Island has many things to be proud of.

Camotes Island’s major attractions to the tourists are their beaches which are white-sand, azure-colored and translucent. The Island of Camotes has gained a premier reputation of being a good place to have a get-away with. One of the destinations here is the massive mangrove plantation along the San Francisco road. Lake Danao has also become a favorite attraction for tourists visiting the Island of Camotes.

Camotes Island’s simple and warm people give tourist hospitality and friendly welcome. Most of the people in the town live through farming industry and small local retailing. The plain people of Camotes Island are also contributes to tourist attraction.

To date the Island of Camotes has five major resorts that offer comfortable accommodation. To name, they are: Santiago Bay Garden & Resort, Mangodlong Rock Resort, Boho Rock Resort, Greenlake Park Resort and Lake Danao Park.

The transportation of going to Camotes Island has improved because of the tourist flocking over the years. You can either go there by Fast craft which travels less than hours from Cebu City or from Danao City you can ride a pump boat which sails for around two hours. Ferry boat is also available.

The Island of Camotes is a natural paradise, an island of privacy and relaxation. This is a destination in Cebu of in the entire Philippines both domestic and international tourist should not fail to see and experience.