Tourists Spots in Cebu: An Odyssey Unveiling the City’s Past

Nothing beats the Queen City of the South when it comes to places that tourists would truly enjoy. With an array of several historic, cultural, and recreational sites, it is one of the places worth cherishing. Below are some of the tourist spots in Cebu that you should never miss.

Magellan Cross
A Portuguese explorer named Ferdinand Magellan proved that the world is round and eventually discovered the Philippines for the three main goals: God, gold, and glory. And the rest is history. Standing in the spot is the authentic wooden cross Magellan brought in order to spread Christianity. This historical and significant cross is inside a kiosk with a painting depicting Magellan’s landing hovering in the roof.

Mactan Shrine
During the Spanish invasion led by Magellan, Lapu Lapu was the brave knight who slew him through his valiance and outcry against foreign supremacy. To honor his unparalleled courage, there erected a Lapu Lapu monument on the spot where Magellan was killed. Take a glimpse of this ancient Philippines hero whilst spending quality time alone or with the whole family.

Casa Gorordo Museum
Situated in the middle of the Parian district, you can experience the authentic lifestyle of the Filipino race way back Spanish and American Period. This Museum showcases collection of paintings, museum relics, antique household items, furniture, and the like. But before it became a museum, this was once the home of the first Filipino Bishop of Cebu, Juan Gorordo.

Taoist Temple
For a time of serenity and contemplation, do marvel on the Taoist Temple. Here is one of the relevant tourist spots in Cebu wherein you can reflect on the principles of Lao Tzu. Take the 81 steps representing 81 chapters of the Taoists’ sacred book. Upon the highest point of the temple, discover your luck and cross your fingers!
Don’t stop exploring the wonderful tourist spots in Cebu. Bon voyage!