Top 5 Beaches In The Philippines

Beaches are one product of nature that truly formulates calmness, refreshing and coolness into one compact product called human experience and they do not only comply with such recognition as these beaches also convene fun and joy for the beach goers. Philippines is a tropical country full of tropical truths that includes beaches on their finest and elegant views.

Now, here are the top 5 beaches in the Philippines where you can roam around and visit all you want.

1. Boracay
Treated as the queen of the beaches in the Philippines, Boracay shadows both the party goers and beach patrons on her beautiful, white sand- showered shoreline matching her crystal blue waters. The Boracay Beach resorts are awake 24 hours to accommodate different types of people, cultures and customers. Here’s the place where local and international showbiz personalities choose to spend their vacations because of its well known beauty.

2. Pagudpod
This Hawaii look alike is located in the north of Luzon, down the province of Ilocos Norte along with the high mountains and strong winds. Its strong winds surely would drive you closer to Hawaii if you have been there once. Compared to Boracay, Pagudpud is more secluded, but in beauty, Pagudpud could strongly compared with Boracay’s tides and waters.

3. Camiguin
Getting its bear share, Mindanao has also got beaches not only full of beauty but also filled with adventures. Camiguin Island and its ravaging waters is known for its towering waves which is perfect for surfing.

4. Honda bay
This Palawan wonder displays its cold beauty both terrestrial and aerial. As it does not only have a good waters to swim, but also good spots to tour to and trail in.

5. Dakak

Just in the lower portion of the biggest island in the Philippines, Dakak can accommodate both local and international tourists on its 750 m long white shoreline; and if you want to experience Mindanao, experience Dakak.