Cebu Pacific Airlines – A Louder Bang

Like the airplanes that they huddle on their organization, CEB, or Cebu Pacific Airlines is soaring high as each year passes by. This is evident on the figures released showing a 14% rise on their whole year service to domestic and international passengers. 2010 was a blast for CEB, but 2011 was even much louder after bagging the Budgie$ Friendliest LCC Award at the 2011 Low-Cost Airlines World Asia-Pacific Conference in Singapore. CEB also shone as the 3rd Best Budget Airline rank in Smart Travel Asia’s 2011 Best in Travel Poll. Well, these two appreciations are just pieces of sweet proofs that Cebu Pacific airplanes and the organization itself are both proficient and efficient in its endeavors, making passengers decide to fly with CEB.

The digits have spoken, and the spoken words were excellent for CEB. The twelve million-goal was nearly reached after having a rough 11.9 million count of the total passenger of CEB the whole year of 2011 cloaking both the international flights with 22% growth and domestic flights with 12% growth respectively. The company has extended its flights to various international destinations for the countries Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Brunei, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Seoul and Bangkok to meet the travel demands.

Expansion is one reason for Cebu Pacific Airlines to have more in quantity. CEB was able to increase its seat capacity with another 13% through the arrival of five brand-new Airbus A320 aircraft just last year. It is also notable that the low-cost price did a good job in inviting passengers; here in the Philippines, costs really matter.

A new target has been found by CEB, that is, to reach the figures 14 million this year. Future plans were also made, such as the reopening of Manila-Xiamen service; international flights from Kalibo to Hong Kong that is expected to take place on March 23, 2012; Manila-Hanoi Flight shall also operate starting on March 17, 2012.