Affordable Hotels in Makati Philippines

In the Philippines, Makati City has the reputation of being a very prestigious city. Big names in the showbiz industry, politics and business live here or at least own a condo unit in this classy socialite city. When one mentions a name of “Makati” it automatically connotes elegance and luxury. But believe it or not, it’s a good fact to know that despite being high-end, there are inexpensive hotels in Makati, Philippines.

Most of these hotels in Makati, Philippines are considerably fine and dandy. The rooms are tidy, well-ventilated, and relatively a good place for sleeping. Most of these budget hotels in Makati Philippines are not located along with those 5 star luxury hotels but they are situated in an accessible area nevertheless. Specifically, these budget hotels in Makati, Philippines are found at the boundaries of the neighboring cities. It may not be at the heart though but it’s worth the save if you’re not into splurging.

Economy hotels in Makati Philippines rates ranges from 20 USD to 40 USD per night. The rooms are generally equipped with wifi, refrigerator, shower, tub and television among others. Budget hotels in Makati also serve three meals a day at their respective restaurants at their lobbies. The services of these budget hotels in Makati Philippines are quite impressive. It’s prompt, friendly and warm just like the luxury ones!

Some of these hotels are Tiara Oriental Hotel, BSA Mansion Condotel, and Mervin Business House among others. For short visits or long vacations, these cheap hotels in Makati Philippines serve their purpose without hurting your wallet! Indeed these small hotel players are the public’s favorable option.